Uechi Ryu Emblem  Okinawan Karate Club

The School

The OKC is one of the oldest (1978), most established schools in the area. Our air conditioned school features a rubberized safety practice area, hardwood training floor, mirrored walls and the latest in training equipment. There is a warm up / practice area next to a spacious waiting room complete with a closed circuit tv link to the training room so you can watch all classes in comfort.

How do I get started?

Call or stop in today and talk to one of our instructors about how the Okinawan Karate Club can get you or your child on the path to a better tomorrow. Remember to ask for your 'FREE' guest pass so that you and your family can join in right away.


The traditional style of Okinawan Uechi / Shohei ryu karate and self-defense are taught by highly qualified Okinawan-certified instructors.

Separate classes are held for adults and children. Our students start as young as 4 1/2 years of age in the Tiny Tot Preschool class and progress on to our children's programs during normal transition.


The goals of the OKC are to establish a well-rounded and well-balanced karate program that will help our students appreciate and understand the importance of good health through exercise. All programs focus on the development of a student's self-esteem, confidence, and martial arts/self-defense skills.


Improve Coordination, Balance and Reflexes
Increase Flexibility, Stamina and Strength
Increase Total Fitness
Learn Self Defense Skills
Learn a Martial Art System


Develop an understanding and respect for physical activity
Learn about tradition and history of martial arts
Improve Concentration
Increase Attention Span
Self Confidence
Self Respect & Self Worth
Learn Self Discipline


Learn Courtesy
Develop Respect for self and others
Practice Honesty and Integrity
Learn Goal Setting and Perseverance
Understand the importance of Becoming a Leader


"There is no first attack in Karate."
This phrase embodies the essential spirit of Okinawan karate. Although karate is a martial art, it must be a defensive art from beginning to end. The focus of our program is not kicking and punching, as much as it is the development of a student's character.