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Memorial to Joe "Buddy" Hurley

Joe "Buddy" Hurley died at home after a brief illness. A lifelong resident of Randolph Mass Joe passed away on December 16th, 2002 of cancer at the age of 56.

Joe was a devoted husband and father of three small boys who was well liked by everyone who knew him. Active in little league, soccer and karate Joe gave of himself right up until the time he died. From the diversified attendance at Joe's reposing, it can be said that Joe lead a very interesting and colorful life. Joe worked as a professional land surveyor.

Joe, a GoDan, was a member and instructor at the Okinawan Karate Club of Stoughton. Everyone liked and looked forward to his class because of the energy and love for Uechi Ryu that Joe projected. Joe participated in many camps and seminars training under the watchful eye of Okinawan visiting instructors every opportunity he got. Unfortunately he never made it to Okinawa, one of his long time dreams.

Joe also taught the karate program at the YMCA in Easton for many years and evening adult education self defense programs at Stoughton High School. As well as being a skilled martial artist he was a talented artist also. Many of Joe's 'works' can be found hanging in the OKC Stoughton and dojos around New England and Florida. One of Joe's specialties was calligraphy, going so far as to engrave popular Okinawan sayings on slate. Joe will always be remembered for his dedication, honesty and loyalty. He is sadly missed by his immediate and extended Uechi family and all of the students and teachers who knew him.