Uechi Ryu Emblem  Okinawan Karate Club

Kanshu Kata

Bow, open as in sanchin, right foot forward.

Perform a left sanchin thrust, slide forward, drawing double fist to your midsection as in a double
downward break, chamber both fists and continue to complete a double temple strike with the outward
turned knuckles. Quickly bring both arms together fonning an X in front of your chest. Open arms quickly into a sanchin position with closed fists.

Slide forward,

Quickly open the left hand while sliding to show a grab and perform a right back fist strike face high

Step, Block left, perform a left front kick

Step, Block right, perform a right front kick

Remain in this stance, in this position,

Perform a left circular block, do a right tetsui (hammer strike), post,

Do a right circular block and a left bushkin, (palm strike), post,

Do a left circular block and a right nukite, (spear hand strike) post,


From a left sanchin stance do a right sanchin thrust (after a 3 count after turning) Slide,

Perform a left wauke and a right nukite, Step

Perform a right wauke and a left nukite, Step

Perform a left wauke and a right nukite, Look to the left,

Pull the left foot back behind you so you are in a right stance and quickly pivot to the left ending in a left stance, perform a left mawahiuke with strike, Turn

Perform a right mawashiuke with strike, look to the left, pivot into a left stance with both feet, post,

Step and perform a breaking down motion with both hands in hiriaken position and quickly strike upward
to the throat neck area, quickly bring both hands down to a posting position. Turn,

From a left sanchin position, wauki left, front kick left,

end kicking position in a left nekodachi (cat stance).

Slight step with the left as you spring forward into a deep right stance, block left perform a right elbow

strike, post, right (reiken) back fist,

quickly chamber the backfist hand and perform a right choken (one knuckle strike) post the choken

Slide up into a neutral stance and open the choken into a palm up sanchin hand position

Draw the left foot into the right foot as the arms are brought to your side, stand at attention, Bow.