Uechi Ryu Emblem  Okinawan Karate Club

Sanchin Rules

Read it, Say it, Do it

Thrust with the hand over the back foot.

Block with the hand over the front foot.

Turn in the direction of the rear leg, look and pivot.

Stepping should be light but strong.

Sanchin stance characteristics

Feet should be shoulder width apart

Feet are aligned heel and toe, front to back.

Front foot, slightly turned out, back foot, straight

Toes should grip the floor (tiger toes)

Knees should be bent

8 Points to the opening of Sanchin Kata

  1. Feet together, stand tall, bow
  2. Set to neutral stance (knees bent)
  3. Draw hands to hips (fingers straight and strong)
  4. Step into good sanchin stance ( see above)
  5. Thrust strong hands down and out
  6. Squeeze hands into a tight fist
  7. Bring both arms up, elbows in front of ribs
  8. Open hands keeping fingers straight and strong

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