Uechi Ryu Emblem  Okinawan Karate Club

Seichin Kata

  1. Open in posting position facing front
  2. Step forward into right sanchin while performing a right snapping high block strike followed by a right choken tsuki, just as in the hojo undo.
  3. Step forward into left sanchin while performing a left snapping high block strike followed by a left choken tsuki,
  4. Perform a left wauke while sliding 45 degrees to the front left--into left sanchin facing the left corner. Rear foot front kick
  5. Perform a right wauke while pivoting 45 degrees to the front right--into right sanchin facing the right corner. Rear foot front kick.
  6. Pivot to front in left sanchin Left middle wrist block/strike outward, leading with the wrist bone, fingers trailing, as in koino shippo uchi hojo undo. small circle wrist grab to post palm out
  7. Step to front in right sanchin right middle wrist block/strike outward, leading with the wrist bone, fingers trailing, as in koino shippo uchi hojo undo. small circle wrist grab to post palm out Circle and grab, then sanchin turn to face rear in left sanchin.
  8. Double X break, cross and uncross your arms, right in front, as in Kanshu.
  9. Draw hands to waist and slide forward, striking out to the groin, similar as in the opening for sanchin. Clench hands into shokens turned inwards while pulling your arms in to brace your elbows on your body. Step backwards and pivot left.
  10. Sink, then drive into right kiba dachi with a left wauke followed by a right elbow strike.
  11. Slide out and wauke with your right hand as you return to a right sanchin; left bushiken strike under the chin Left wauke and right nukite. Post ..Sanchin turn behind you.
  12. Left wauke and left front kick
  13. Double break while you step into right sanchin, driving both hands down in palm-up hirakens, pivot to face the rear in left sanchin
  14. Place right hand over left, finger strike at the throat, and perform a right knee strike. as the hands pull down into post (crane) position palm out; your knee thrusts up and a bit out at the same time, toes down, moving you into a crane stance.
  15. Place your right hand just above your knee, your left behind you, cupped and fingers pointing foward. Drop your leg into a right sanchin, and as your hips position after the knee strike, swing your hands simultaneously, groin high, fingers pointed at the groin areas, left hand forward and right hand rear. Turn to face front while sweeping your arms around you counterclockwise and groin high- Your left hand will sweep all the way behind you; your right, all the way in front. Groin strike again, left hand front, right hand rear. Perform a left wauke. block out and away from your body.
  16. Step backwards to right sanchin and pivot to the left while moving your left hand down to waist high (as if you were about to start a wauke but palm up), and right hand up into fighting sanchin position. Scoop, sweeping blocks circularly downblocks, palm out, back to its starting position. Simultaneously your right hand scoops across your front as if catching something, then pulls outwards, so your right fingers stop at the left elbow with your right forearm horizontal and palm up. With this motion, the front leg lifts up and then settles into a cat stance position. All three motions should finish together. Position into sanchin and turn in to right sanchin; as you turn your right hands post
  17. then perform the scooping sweeping blocks opposite of the previous side. End in a sanchin stance hands up in sanchin position. Pivot to face front in left formal sanchin.
  18. Step forward into right sanchin with a shomen hagiki movement. Place your left hand below your right elbow and step back to left sanchin, scraping your right arm with your left as to remove a hold, and drawing the right arm back to the nook of your left arm, which should point forward again when you finish.
  19. From there, all at once, perform a circular left downblock palm out, abbreviated right wauke, and lift your left leg, setting it down in a left cat stance.
  20. Drive forward out into a right leaning horse stance,
  21. Right wauke as you withdraw your front foot to a right sanchin; left shoken zuki. Left wauke and right shoken zuki.
  22. Step back into left sanchin while performing a left teisho uke type ("middle," palm heel. Step back into palms out crane post,neutral stance while performing a right teisho uke. This is closed-gate position. Finish and bow.