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The Animals of Uechi Ryu

Before the style was named Uechi Ryu it was called Pan-gai-noon which is a Chinese word meaning hard/ soft. One story that is told is that the monks (Chinese priests) learned and developed fighting techniques from watching the movements of animals. It was believed that there were six animals that gave rise to many of the movements that we learn in karate training. Pan-gai-noon (Uechi Ryu), it is said, was created from movements of the tiger, crane and dragon. It is believed that in "the early" days of karate that the forms of karate were taken from the following animals, the snake ,dragon, tiger, monkey, crane, and mountain lion.

The Dragon inspires breathing The dragon inspires breathing.
The Tiger is known for it's strength and power The tiger is known for its strength and power.
The is know for softness and balance The crane is known for softness and balance.