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Welcome to The Okinawan Karate Club's Kid's Pages!!

Here you will find worksheets, printable log sheets to track your progress and other games and projects to increase your karate knowledge. This area is intended to help you further your learning between classes. Check back regularly as this area will be updated frequently!


Kata / Drills

Belt Tests

What You Have Learned - Sanchin Test

Sanchin Rules Yellow Belt Test Guildelines
Animals of Uechi Ryu Kanshiwa Yellow Belt Test
Matching Game - Karate Terms Kanshiwa - break down Purple Belt Test Guidelines
Matching Game - Uechi Ryu Terms Kanshu Purple Belt Test
Word Unscramble Seichin Green Belt Test Guidelines
Counting in Japanese Seisan Green Belt Test
Japanese Terminology hojo Undo Red Belt Test Guidelines
  8 Form Junior Brown Belt Test Guidelines
  Ryuko Kata Junior Black Belt Test Guidelines